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We have a little back story to tell you…


The experience of having a child completely turns your world upside down. You suddenly have a deep-seated understanding of what it means to love someone unconditionally, and you want nothing but the best for your newborn. As proud parents, we are blessed with two little miracles, which we always want to provide with the best of the best, from clothes to toys. As parents, we got to know the world of baby and children’s fashion well, and we were inspired to set up our own webshop. With the Mini Minuit webshop, we emphasize personal attention, optimal customer service, and trendy and sustainable clothes, accessories and gifts from brands that we have chosen with care.

With Mini Minuit, we want to make a difference in the market, not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a person. For example, our mission is to add value to the current online baby clothes market by focusing on personalized services, where the customer experience plays the most important role within the shopping experience. By offering contemporary and trendy clothes from sustainable and high-quality brands, both you and your child can experience an unforgettable time that you can cherish forever.

The Birth of Mini Minuit
The idea of ​​our name, Mini Minuit, arose from the fact that our two sons were both born at half moon. Moreover, they only have an age difference of 17 months, which means that we have seen the moon very often in recent years, partly thanks to regular sleep deprivation. The crescent and asterisks in the Mini Minuit logo represent the story behind the brand. The koi symbolizes strength, happiness and zest for life. Together with the crescent moon and stars in the Mini Minuit logo, they represent the story behind the brand.

We strive for an online shop with sustainable and unique baby and toddler clothing and a collection of other textiles (bedding, bath capes, etc.) and accessories for babies and toddlers. The aim is to distinguish ourselves through a personal approach with an eye for the customer and fast shipping, and with quality as the main objective.